Tips to learn Italian

 5 science-based tips to learn Italian faster*!!!

*from “How to learn” by Benedict Carey – applies to tips to learn Italian

Book How We Learn from Benedict Carey

1. Frequency is more important than duration

It’s hard to sit and strain for hours. You’re wasting a lot of effort, when there are other ways to make learning more efficient, fun, and interesting.

2. The brain needs variation

Instead of staying in the same place for hours, finding new “scenarios” will help you create new associations and make it easier to retrieve information later. For example, during an online class, go from a grammar exercise, to an audio, read a text or watch an audio!

3. Reinforce shows that the content has value

To learn more effectively, we have to “show” and reinforce the content to our brain: for example: talking about the topic, taking a self-test and writing down relevant information, watching a video, a movie or listening to a podcast.

4. Distributing learning sends strong signals to the brain

Studies have shown that the best way to learn is to review the information one to two days after the first study.

5. Sleep plays an irreplaceable role

Sleep is an indispensable part of the successful learning process. Sleep is the end of learning. The brain is ready to process, categorize and solidify what you are studying.

Benedict Carey (born March 3, 1960) is an American journalist and reporter on medical and scientific topics for The New York Times. In the book “How We Learn” Benedict Carey shows us how to exploit the peculiarities of the brain to our advantage.

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