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Learn Italian: Grammar, conversation, travel, pronunciation, fluency, business, job interview

Commitment, seriousness, punctuality

Test yourself!

Simple and fast Italian: take the Italian test now and find out your level: basic, intermediate and advanced

The classes

Upon completion of a trial class, I will contact you and provide you via e-mail all detailed information (prices for single classes or packages of 5 or 10 classes), available times, and bank details for payment. See the link below for more details about the classes.

Experimental class

Free 30 minutes class to get to know in practice!
Before starting classes, it’s important to have a chat, so you can understand how it works: check your connection, your level of knowledge of Italian and verify availability.

How long before being fluent

There are no miracles. Learning and becoming fluent in another language takes time and dedication. Several factors must be considered: number of classes per week, frequency, extra-class activities (watching a movie, listening to music/radio, lectures) homework delivery.
Ultimately, the more committed you are, the faster you will reach your goals. And don’t forget, there are many events linked to Italian culture.
Also visit the Italiana website with Italian events all around the world

Why learn Italian

The number of people studying Italian today grows continuously. The most common reason being cultural enrichment, tourism, emotional reasons such as Italian descent, or for study/work requirements.
The Italian language is spoken, mainly in Italy, but it is also one of the official languages ​​of Switzerland as well as the official language of the Pope and Vatican City.
Italian can be considered the language of culture because it is widely used in the lyric, poetry, writers, artists, painters, philosophers.
As a Roman language, Italian belongs to the Indo-European family, its origins go back to Vulgar Latin.
But today Italian is a modern language: the language of fashion, cooking and automotive, it is the language of the Made-in-Italy. Open, musical, varied and redundant.
A language that reflects its population: a creative, friendly and warm people, the language of a lifestyle: the Dolce Vita!
Speaking Italian is a resource to grow from a professional, cultural and human point of view.